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Dillewijn Zwapak

After more than 75 years operating as independent companies, with effect from 1 July 2012 Van Dillewijn Verpakkingen and Zwapak merged to form a new company: Dillewijn Zwapak

This new company combines the best of both worlds: innovation, creativity, global sourcing, supply chain management and keen pricing.

Every day, millions of plants and flowers find their way to end consumers right around the globe. With almost 200 employees, Dillewijn Zwapak plays a leading role in supplying the associated packaging and accessories.

Dillewijn Zwapak supplies a range of premium-quality products: printed and unprinted flexible packaging (film and paper on rolls, sheets and sleeves), buckets, transport containers such as carts, boxes, floristry items, flower and plant food, glassware, stick-ins, bags and decorative materials. Almost all our products are available from stock.

The majority of these products are produced by our own factories, or factories that work exclusively for Dillewijn Zwapak, around the world. This enables us to keep delivering high-quality products on very competitive terms.

In order that we can do full justice to all of our customers' requirements and needs, the organisation is divided into four market segments: retail trade, growers, exporters and wholesalers.

Each market has its own, specific features, which is why we have professional, expert and well-established teams on hand to serve each market segment.  

As well as a wide range of standard products, Dillewijn Zwapak can also create any number of customer-specific products. Our in-house design studio transforms your requirements into a unique, customised product. Anything is possible - from designing a simple logo to a complete supermarket concept.

Dillewijn Zwapak supplies the best packaging solutions, at the best price. Our ultimate aim is simple: for you to sell more products to your customer.

Dillewijn Zwapak’s motto says it all: Packaging is our Passion!



The shortening of the supply chain is a phenomenon that has affected companies around the world in recent years. Although many businesses are extremely wary of this development, it is a rich source of opportunity. 
The Van Dillewijn Group has many years' experience of connecting different online stores, with the result that, almost invariably, we can offer "plug and play" solutions, enabling you to start selling via your online store in no time at all.

Van Dillewijn Group can now offer companies in the ornamental plants sector the 'Connected' concept, which enables you to fully exploit the opportunities presented by the shorter supply chain.
With the 'Connected' concept, Van Dillewijn Group can fill your online store with products that appeal to your customers, without you having to keep stocks of those products yourself.

All the information, such as product photos, descriptions in several languages, and stock levels is automatically provided. Stock information can even be updated in (near) real time if you so wish.
The products ordered are packed ready for shipping and delivered to you split into individual orders, keeping your handling costs to a minimum.

For more information about the benefits of the "Connected" concept, contact your account manager at Van Dillewijn Group. He or she will be happy to tell you more. Click here to see our Connected folder.

Let's get connected!