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  • Dillewijn Zwapak completes integration of Basics & Trends


    A year ago, the management of Van Dillewijn Group announced that the label Basics & Trends would be merged with its subsidiary Dillewijn Zwapak. From 1 July 2016, Basics & Trends will be fully integrated into the Dillewijn Zwapak organisation.

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  • Dillewijn Zwapak Catalogue 2016


    This year the creative minds at Dillewijn Zwapak took inspiration from the culinary world for their catalogue. By using packaging products and floristry items they prepared some very special international meals.

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  • 4-6 November 2015 IFTF, Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands

  • 4-6 November 2015 Trade Fair, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

  • Van Dillewijn Group refines positioning of retail formulas


    From 1 July, the Van Dillewijn Group, based in Aalsmeer, is strengthening the position of both its retail formulas, Dillewijn Zwapak and Basics & Trends.

    Dillewijn Zwapak will continue to stand above the doors of the physical shops in the marketplaces. Basics & Trends will continue as the online shop for florists and window dressers.

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  • Onderzoek naar krachtenbundeling Basics & Trends en Alflora afgerond


    Er komt geen juridische samenwerking tussen Alflora en Basics & Trends. Dat is het resultaat van het onderzoek waarbij alle stakeholders betrokken waren. Beide bedrijven gaan in hun huidige hoedanigheid verder met het bedienen van de markt van bloemisten en aanverwante doelgroepen.

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  • Alflora and Basics & Trends investigate the possibility of joining forces


    Alflora and Basics & Trends investigate the possibility of joining forces which will lead to economies of scale for both the customer and the two companies. This will be the basis for investments necessary to become the most important partner for the florist and help the sector to respond better to new developments. Completion and implementation of the research results is expect at the end of spring 2014.

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  • New venture: Van Dillewijn Group introduces innovative Flowermate

  • Connected


    The shortening of the supply chain is a phenomenon that has affected companies around the world in recent years. Although many businesses are extremely wary of this development, it is a rich source of opportunity. 
    The Van Dillewijn Group has many years' experience of connecting different online stores, with the result that, almost invariably, we can offer "plug and play" solutions, enabling you to start selling via your online store in no time at all.
    Van Dillewijn Group can now offer companies in the ornamental plants sector the 'Connected' concept, which enables you to fully exploit the opportunities presented by the shorter supply chain.

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  • Dillewijn Zwapak: a new name for a familiar organisation


    Both Zwapak BV and Van Dillewijn Verpakkingen BV had been operating as part of the Van Dillewijn Group BV since 1 January 2011. As of 1 July 2012, the two companies have been legally merged to form a single company: Dillewijn Zwapak BV.

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