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Alflora and Basics & Trends investigate the possibility of joining forces


Alflora and Basics & Trends investigate the possibility of joining forces which will lead to economies of scale for both the customer and the two companies. This will be the basis for investments necessary to become the most important partner for the florist and help the sector to respond better to new developments. Completion and implementation of the research results is expect at the end of spring 2014.

The market is changing. Consumer spending is decreasing, and the advent of the Internet is creating a shift in purchasing channels, in both the consumer and business markets. By responding to these changes together Alflora and Basics & Trends aim to ensure quality of service. A high service level and competitive prices are high priority.

Alflora bv is the largest cash and carry wholesaler of florists supplies, with 8 branches in the Netherlands, 2 in Belgium and 2in Germany. Mid-January sees the opening of the webshop www.alflora.nl. Alflora bv is a division of the Coöperatief Koninklijk Tuinbouwcentrum Horticoop. Basics & Trends has 6 branches in the Netherlands and sells its product range throughout Europe online at www.basicsentrends.nl. Basics & Trends is part of Van Dillewijn Group.

Both organisations are generally located in florists' purchasing centers where the florist can go for cut flowers, plants, a complete range of basic florists' accessories and trendy seasonal items, all under one roof.