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Dillewijn Zwapak at 2 locations in Aalsmeer


As you are probably aware, from 18 February 2018 some major changes will take place at the whole- sale centre in Aalsmeer due to the opening of the Green Trade Center (GTC) of the firm Waterdrinker.

Dear business relation,

The GTC is an initiative that Dillewijn Zwapak supports wholeheartedly, and we have therefore decided to participate in this novel initiative. In the GTC you will be able to purchase selected products from our range, primarily packaging and florist articles.

The wholesale centre will no longer use the name Cultra and will continue its operations under the name Locatie 241. Within Locatie 241 our existing Dillewijn Zwapak shop will move to the spot where our colleagues from Duif are currently situated.

At Locatie 241 you will find our complete range of packaging solutions, florist articles, vases, glasswork, baskets, pots, flower food and many other products.

We firmly believe that by offering our articles at two locations in Aalsmeer we will be able to provide our customers with an even better service.

We therefore hope to see you soon at Locatie 241 or at the GTC.

Sales team Dillewijn Zwapak Aalsmeer