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Dillewijn Zwapak completes integration of Basics & Trends


A year ago, the management of Van Dillewijn Group announced that the label Basics & Trends would be merged with its subsidiary Dillewijn Zwapak. From 1 July 2016, Basics & Trends will be fully integrated into the Dillewijn Zwapak organisation.

The shop in Ede (Plantion) now has the Dillewijn Zwapak logo on the facade, like the shops in Aalsmeer (Cultra), Eelde (Euroeur) and Naaldwijk (Pyramide). In Ede too, the complete range of packaging solutions from Dillewijn Zwapak is available, expanded with the typical oristry items that customers were used to buying from Basics & Trends.

The administration of both companies has been combined so that, for example, the processing of orders and invoices is now handled centrally by Dillewijn Zwapak.

According to Managing Director Mark de Krosse, this oers major advantages for both the company and customers: “The eciency advantage of working with a single administration system, a single front and back oce, is evident for Dillewijn Zwapak. But more importantly, we will be able to improve the service level for our customers even further. Take the integration of the webshops, for example. From now on, customers can use a single modern and complete webshop for a wide range of packaging solutions and typical oristry products, where they previously had to log in to two separate webshops to place orders. And now such orders can not only be placed together but also delivered together. Ordered before 12 o’clock, delivered the next day.”

This year marks 80 years of Dillewijn Zwapak. The integration of Basics & Trends is a great milestone in this anniversary year.