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Dillewijn Zwapak is moving


New building
At Dillewijn Zwapak, we are approaching a new milestone in our company’s history: the completion of our new company building. It will be a great place for our employees to work, with a hypermodern central warehouse and a stylish and spacious showroom for you.

Our new building is located at De Loetenweg 2 in Amstelveen. The location is a stone’s throw from Flora Holland, Greenparc and VBA Zuid. For an impression of how amazing it will look, see our website: https://dillewijnzwapak.nl/nl/video1

Modernisation and sustainability
In our new building, we will be using the newest technology. Hi-tech automation and even robotisation, with most moving material unmanned, will enable us to very safely and efficiently stock our warehouses and process your orders.

In addition to modernisation, of course sustainability also played a large role in the development of our new building. Energy consumption played the main role in our selection of equipment and materials. All the required energy is generated by solar panels on our own roof, leaving enough to e.g. power our entire vehicle fleet in the future. Around the complex, we will plant bee-friendly plants along with a number of other measures that benefit the people and the environment.

The move
Moving to a new building is always a challenge. According to our schedule, the office will move in the first weekend of February - that’s the easy part. Moving our stock pile will be a major operation. We have to move 10,000 pallets from three warehouses to one warehouse. We will start in mid-January and expect to finish this task by the end of March. In any case, we have thoroughly prepared. Our best logistics specialists have been working it for over two years. The business will continue as usual in the meantime!

The customer is king
Though we have thoroughly prepared, unforeseen issues may arise during such a hectic period. No worries if they do: let us know and our colleagues and we will present the right solution right away. Because we value you as a customer.

Come by
Once we have settled and everything is up and running, we hope you come by for a look at our new office in the spring of 2019. We’ll have fresh coffee and the collections will shine in our new showroom.