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New venture: Van Dillewijn Group introduces innovative Flowermate


Every professional flower arranger would like to be able to create hand-tied bouquets in peak periods without too much flower and foliage wastage. Now, they can - thanks to the Flowermate.

FlowermateThe Aalsmeer-based Van Dillewijn Group introduces the Flowermate, developed by arranger Ard van Bers. This patented system consists of a flower holder and a bouquet template, which can be used to make sheaf-style bouquets, with up to 13 or 19 stems.

“As an experienced flower arranger, at peak periods such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, I regularly had to take on untrained workers. Dismayed by the flowers and foliage that were wasted during production and how long it took my temporary staff to produce a beautiful bouquet, I began looking for an effective and efficient solution. The result was the Flowermate, which I have spent the last few years developing”, says Ard van Bers.

Managing Director Mark de Krosse of the Van Dillewijn Group immediately spotted the market potential of the Flowermate and decided to take on the task of producing and marketing it. De Krosse: “The core values of the Van Dillewijn Group are innovation, creativity and quality - values which enable us to offer our customers added value. That’s why I felt it was essential to include the Flowermate in our range. It’s a fantastic, creative and efficient tool for professional flower arrangers.”

Flowermate customers are assured of comprehensive support from the Van Dillewijn Group, in the form of demonstrations and workshops for staff.

For a short demonstration of the Flowermate, go to: